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This is not easy, but she’s so worth it!

We got you, Margie!

We’re three days into our recovery-from-amputation journey and it’s time to celebrate!; today is Margie’s 11th birthday!!! Although she’s probably questioning the ‘gift’ we got her this year, we know that we gave her the gift of more time with us, the people who love her the most.

As we begin day three, it feels like we’ve turned a corner in some positive ways. She has a bit of that sparkle back in her eyes, she ate last night for the first time since she’s been home (thanks, sliced roast beef!) and she slept better last night.

Some concerns, of course, still keep us up at night. She has shown zero interest in getting up or even trying to walk; it’s like she’s forgotten that her three remaining legs still work. We’re using a sling to try to get her up and outside to pee, but she doesn’t seem to love that. She’s been peeing about once every 24 hours right where she’s laying down, and we’re just fine with that; we quickly change her bedding under her. If anyone has advice on this topic, that would be appreciated as it’s been our greatest concern so far. If it’s not too cold out today here in Colorado, we’re going to play outside and bring her in her bed to lay in the sun on the front porch to be with us and get some fresh air. The last couple days have been some of the hardest days we’ve ever experienced as a family, but we’re going to get through this with the dog that’s helped us get through so many other difficult times.

Happy Birthday Marge!

5 thoughts on “This is not easy, but she’s so worth it!”

  1. I have a 3 legged baby. She did the same at first. Pee pads of amazon. Same day delivery. Can just keep them under her. Our vet said she just didn’t want to “mess” in the house so she was holding it as long as possible. I would take her out to lay in the grass & eventually she started to go outside. Mine actually developed an infection in one of her back legs so it was weeks before we walked, but once the infection was gone, she did much better. Also, Physical Therapy did wonders for her. Good luck!

  2. That frosty mug just melts my heart every single time!
    AND HAPPY HAPPY ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY SWEET MARGIE!! I get if you get a piece of cake and a scoop of ice cream toy would wood that down without hesitation 🍨🍰

    You are doing a food job of staying confident and update…..even if you are falling it, it counts!!
    You are in the roughest part of recovery. And larger dogs so take longer to get to some form of mobility.

    She’ll get there. And yeah, my Happy Hannah would just freeze if I tried to sling her.
    So glad her appetite picked up. Whatever she will eat right now is good. Warmed chicken, cheeseburgers, licerwurst….whatever it takes. Saw where one member ised velveeta cheese to hide the pills.

    Speaking of pills, what is she taking right now, dose, frequency? Sometimes Gabapentin can make them a little lethargic, but it’s really good at treating pain.

    What’s her water intake? Normal? Maybe you can increase her intake with adding broth.

    Taking her outside is a great idea! Being in Nature and sniffing the air is very healing. Also, maybe you could take her near a spot where she likes to pee. It may give her incentive to try and get up…or not.

    You’re doing such a good job! Stay on top of the pee issue of it continues to be jist once every 22 hours. What your Vet said makes since and she is foing, so that’s good for now.

    Smooch that very sweet and cery special gal for is. Love her!!♥️

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Hoppy Birthday Margie! What a gift to have such pawesome humans who love you to the moon and beyond.

    Margie’s people here’s a few thoughts for ya:

    I’m wondering if she is staying hydrated enough to want to urinate more? Have you tried spiking her water with gatorade, pedialyte or no-salt chicken broth?

    24-hours is a long time to hold it. Be sure to look up some “how to express a dog’s bladder” videos so you can learn how to help her urinate. We have some videos here in our Forums. Dogs shouldn’t hold urine for more than 12 hours.

    As for the walking, being a senior gal, that’s not a big surprise she is having mobility challenges. It’s not unusual for an older dog to take longer to get their sea legs. Stay in communication with her vet, make sure she is on good pain management that she can tolerate, and book an appt with a canine rehab therapist now, so that in a week or so she can get in to see one and they can move her along faster through recovery. It really makes a huge difference and don’t furget, Tripawds Foundation can pay for that first rehab visit.

    Now go love your girl up and give her hoppy birthday smooches from us! Keep us posted.

  4. Aww Happy Birthday to a very sweet looking and special pup! My kitty Amber just came home from amputation surgery today! Best of luck to you and Marge as you guys continue to heal together!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet senior tripawd! I concur with everyone’s suggestions. The first two weeks of recovery post op are the hardest but you’ll be amazed by how quickly dogs can heal! My Gizmo was so loopy with the pain meds and at times needed some assistance getting up but after that 2 week period and slowly coming off the pain meds, he became more mobile and didn’t need my help anymore. I used a sling in the first weeks and then a dog harness with a handle on it. Ruffwear has some great ones for either front leg or back leg amputees. Hang in there!

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